This is a list of all the conferences, workshops and meetings I have attended in my research career. The dates shown for an event are the dates I was there, a subset of the whole event. The date format is ISO 8601, which everyone should use.

CoDiMa Workshop January 2020 Permalink2020-01-21/23 University of Essex (Colchester campus)
Workshop on Data in Mathematics Permalink2019-08-18/23 Cernay-la-Ville, France
GAP–Singular School Permalink2019-08-15/17 PfalzAkademie, Lambrecht, Germany
Postgraduate Group Theory Conference 2019 (GAP Tutorial) Permalink2019-07-22/26 University of Birmingham
CoDiMa Workshop 2019 Permalink2019-05-23/25 University of Manchester
GAP Days Spring 2019 Permalink2019-03-18/22 Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg
Free Computational Mathematics Permalink2019-02-11/15 CIRM, Luminy, France
Postgraduate Intra-disciplinary Mathematics Symposium 2019 2019-01-30/02-01 The Burn, Glenesk (invited speaker)
GAP Days Fall 2018 Permalink2018-09-17/21 University of Siegen
EMS Postgraduate Students Meeting 2018 Permalink2018-05-21/23 The Burn, Glenesk
Postgraduate Intra-disciplinary Mathematics Symposium 2018 2018-01-31/02-02 The Burn, Glenesk
Young Researchers in Mathematics 2017 Permalink2017-08-01/04 University of Kent
EMS Postgraduate Students Meeting 2017 Permalink2017-06-07/09 The Burn, Glenesk
Postgraduate Intra-disciplinary Mathematics Symposium 2017 2017-01-20/22 The Burn, Glenesk
Computational Maths with Jupyter Permalink2017-01-16/19 ICMS, Edinburgh
Second CoDiMa Training School Permalink2016-10-17/18 ICMS, Edinburgh
International Conference on Semigroups and Automata 2016 Permalink2016-06-20/24 University of Lisbon
EMS Postgraduate Students Meeting 2016 Permalink2016-05-30/06-01 The Burn, Glenesk
24th NBSAN Meeting Permalink2016-05-11 University of York
Scottish Combinatorics Meeting 2016 Permalink2016-04-26/27 University of Glasgow
23rd NBSAN Meeting Permalink2016-03-17/18 University of St Andrews
Postgraduate Intra-disciplinary Mathematics Symposium 2016 2016-01-25/27 The Burn, Glenesk
22nd NBSAN Meeting Permalink2015-11-20 University of Manchester
First CoDiMa Training School Permalink2015-11-16/20 University of Manchester
102nd LMS–EPSRC Durham Symposium Permalink2015-07-20/30 University of Durham
AMS–EMS–SPM International Meeting 2015 Permalink2015-06-10/14 University of Porto
Workshop on Groups and Semigroups Permalink2015-06-09 University of Porto
EMS Postgraduate Students Meeting 2015 Permalink2015-06-01/03 The Burn, Glenesk
Joint PG Colloquium 2015 Permalink2015-05-01 ICMS, Edinburgh
Postgraduate Combinatorial Conference 2015 Permalink2015-04-12/15 Queen Mary University of London
Second GAP Days Meeting Permalink2015-03-15/20 RWTH Aachen
Postgraduate Intra-disciplinary Mathematics Symposium 2015 2015-01-26/28 The Burn, Glenesk
SMSTC Opening Symposium Permalink2014-10-01/02 Perth
International Workshop “Parallel Programming in GAP” Permalink2013-08-18/24 University of St Andrews